Study Vietnamese

Let me introduce myself first.

My full name is Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung. Dung is my given name.

By way of introduction, I am the head of Vietnamese Studying Center. Since 2003, I have been deeply involved in promoting the Vietnamese language and culture in Vietnam.

Hailing from a province in the middle of Vietnam, I realized at an early age that I was fond of the Vietnamese language and literature, partly thanks to the inspiration of my mother who was also my literature teacher when I was a secondary student. In order to improve my knowledge professionally, I focused my studies on the Vietnamese language and literature in university and got a master’s degree in linguistics.

My desire to share this passion for the Vietnamese language, literature and culture with the Vietnamese youngster generations and foreigners led me down the path of education and teaching. In fact, teaching is both a way to share knowledge with students and a way to share a common desire to learn more.

After graduating, I have had opportunities to teach Vietnamese to adult foreigners in a university and to foreign children in international schools in Ho Chi Minh City. When I became a Vietnamese language teacher, my wish was to offer quality education to my students with an emphasis on the cultural aspects. I love my work and it’s been a great career.

However, my passion is not limited to being a Vietnamese language teacher in a school. I am passionate about my role as the head of BringVietnameseToYou which includes Vietnamese teachers willing to help foreigners in any place in the world to learn Vietnamese and the Vietnamese culture. We wish to do this with all our pride and love for our country, Vietnam.

We hold a belief that our experience and passion allow us to pursue our goal of promoting and spreading the Vietnamese language and culture throughout the world.

Nguyen Phuong Dung


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